Dinner Party.

Dinner Party In A Box
You do the inviting. We do the prepping, slicing, and dicing
and ship your dinner party kit to your door-step.
to your doorstep. Meals are three-courses or more.
Add wine pairings if you wish.

Choice Selections.

Whether you’re hosting a gala, entertaining friends
We slice and dice. We prep, you plate.

  • 3-course Kit for 6+


  • Dinner Party Gift


  • Add Charcuterie


The Ultimate Three-Course Dinner Party Kit

How it works

1. When you place your order, tell us the date of your party and your preferences for food selections.

Based on your order details, our chefs get working on the ingredients. We build the three-course menu, slice and dice starches and vegetables, and prep the protein. We ship via FedEx the day before the event. Your dinner party kit is boxed and cold packed for two-day delivery.

2. Add charcuterie and wine to your dinner party kit

When you’re placing your order, you can add charcuterie and wine. We ship wines to select states.

3. Keep the apron in the closet.

All ingredients are sliced and diced. Just follow the step-by-step “How to Prepare” instructions.

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