Family Night.

Shipped to your doorstep fully sliced and diced,
the dinners for two adults and two
young adults are selected by our chefs.
The meals are based on the products that our
vendors source and on your preferences.

Choice Selections.

All Meals take 15 minutes to prepare from box to plate. You make order a monthly or weekly plans. One-time ordering also available.

The Château at Home Meal Kits

We Prep Your Plate

1. While you’re placing your order, tell us your preferences for your family dinners.

Our chefs will work on your custom at-home dinner kit.

2.All ingredients are fully prepped. Our chefs slice and dice and par-cook all starches and vegetables.

You cook the protein and heat the rest of the ingredients.

3.These meals are fifteen minutes from box to plate.

All ingredients are cold packed and shipped to your doorstep. Every dinner kit is designed for fast and easy enjoyment. With step-by-step instructions, all dinners are fifteen minutes to prepare from box to plate.

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