Braveheart Angus Rib Eye Steak


Black Angus Beef®, One vacuum-sealed Braveheart Rib eye steak. 14-16 ounces per steak.

Very high-quality steak with, USDA Prime cut. Trimmed and ready to grill.

The rib-eye has long been a favorite of steak lovers due to its luscious marbling, which allows the meat to be very tender and juicy. The rib-eye is a boneless cut. When the bone is attached it is called a rib steak. These steaks should be cooked quickly by grilling or broiling.

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The rib eye or ribeye is a beef steak from the rib section. The rib section of beef spans from ribs six through twelve. Ribeye steaks are mostly composed of the longissimus Dorsi muscle but also contain the complexus and spinalis muscles.


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