3 Course Dinner Party Kit For 6+

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Serves 6 people. 3-Course Dinner Party for 6 people. Serves six people

Three-course dinner party for six people:

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You may select from the menu by clicking the link above or our chefs can prepare you a custom dinner party kit based on the preferences you fill in below.

Dinner for each guest.
Host your dinner party. You plan, and we build your dinner menu and ship everything to your doorstep. All the ingredients will be sliced and diced. Starches and vegetables will be par-cook and only require heating up. Most proteins will be cooked by you. We do par-cook proteins that take longer than fifteen minutes to cook. How-to instructions included. Dinner party kits take less than thirty minutes to prepare. You can take all the credit for the great plating art and a delish menu that your guests will believe you painstakingly prepared all week. You’re a rock star!



You may select dinner from the menu click above. Or our chefs can prepare a customer dinner.

We will ship this kit to arrive the night before your dinner party.

Imported artisan cheeses and cured meats. Sliced and diced, ready to serve. Each serving serves four to six guests

Our wine experts will coordinate with our chefs to pair limited-production wines with the courses. Wine pairings are $29.99 per bottle. The wine could be 6 half bottles, 3 full bottles or a combination of the two. if our wine experts recommend two grape varietals to work perfectly with your dinner course selections. You must be 21 years and older. We ship to select states.

Our dinner party kits are prepared for six total guests. You may add additional guests to this dinner party kit for $24.99 per person. We will prepare your kit accordingly.

If this is a gift that you’re sending to someone special, we will package the shipment in our gift box along with a card and your personalized note.

We will add the candles you see in the pictures (not the mason jars).

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The idea for our dinner party kits came from a dinner party that my wife and I were planning. When it came time to execute the party that we had planned, we were just too busy. At the last minute, we had to bring in a chef to cater. The chef did a great job, but it was expensive—over $1,500!—and took away the intimacy that we’d been going for. My wife and I both cook, but at the time, we were running a big company and just couldn’t make it work. The next time we planned a dinner party, we owned a restaurant while still working in the corporate world. We called our chef and explained that we were throwing a dinner party. We asked him to come up with a menu; prep all the ingredients; make a video on his cell phone to show us what we needed to do to prepare the final meal; pack the prepped components, and FedEx them to us. He liked everything but the shipping part. I encouraged him and explained that I’d have all the shipping supplies delivered to The Chateau and that he didn’t have to do anything special—just get the food ready. Here we are years later, bringing that same amazing experience my wife and I had and putting it online for all of you to enjoy: fully prepped sliced-and-diced ingredients organized by courses with step-by-step directions that are short and easy to follow. We deliver all of that for 80% less money than it takes to hire a world-class chef. Based on your selections above, we prepare everything, seal the ingredients, and pack them in an insulated box to be shipped to your doorstep. We send the package via FedEx to arrive the day before your party.


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