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Summer Rush


In the tiny tourist town of Bolton Landing, N.Y., the population explodes with thousands of summer visitors. Three members of one family, each with their own restaurant, square off against each other with just 60 days to make all their money for the whole year. It’s father against sons and brother against brother for 10 intense weeks — because it only takes one bad season to finish a restaurant for good.

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Season 1, Episode 1
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The Rush Begins

The Foy family prepares for the big July 4th weekend on Lake George in New York, and tension mounts as they get their menus and staff ready for the huge holiday crowds. If this weekend doesn’t go right, they’ll be paying for it for the rest of the summer. Jen worries about competitors stealing her top-secret new dessert, and Jesse might be in over his head with his pricey new lobster dish. Cate takes a challenging catering job on one of the summer’s busiest days.

Season 1, Episode 2
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Make-or-Break Week

Midway through summer, Junior and Jen Foy have costly staff issues and bad reviews to deal with at The Chateau on the Lake. Cate and Senior reopen Cate’s Italian Garden after closing it last summer due to Cate’s health. Cate says she’s feeling great, but Junior and Jesse worry their mother is taking on more work and stress than is good for her. A costly power outage hits the entire Lake George region, shutting down business at a tremendous cost. Only one restaurant is able to be fully open for business, and the town swarms the doors. Will it handle the flood of hungry tourists or be overwhelmed?.

Season 1, Episode 3
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Travers Stakes Week

The Travers Stakes horse race in nearby Saratoga Springs, N.Y., attracts thousands of horse-racing fans to the Lake George area. Complications with Buddy and Jen Foy’s costly renovation at The Chateau on the Lake put their Travers Stakes party in jeopardy. Jesse takes an expensive gamble selling his Travers-related picnic baskets. The boys have a falling out with Senior over talk of retirement, and Cate is concerned that a negative review from a local food critic may impact Travers business at Cate’s Italian Garden.

Season 1, Episode 4
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The Last Week of Summer

In the week leading up to Labor Day, the Foys and their restaurants are under pressure to bring in customers and their dollars before the summer is over. Not all of the Foys are on track to reach their profit goals to survive the rest of the year. Jesse decides to throw a day-long BBQ smokeout at Diamond Point Grille, and The Chateau on the Lake promotes a flaming new dish to attract reservations. Cate and Senior’s middle son, Keith, makes a surprise visit to Bolton Landing, causing Jesse to question remaining in the restaurant business, and Cate and Senior reveal a shocking secret to their sons.

Summer Rush

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